My work explores mark making, patterning, gesture, awareness and paring down to essentials. The works are about a universal shared space while retaining an intimate meditative quality. I relate the process of art making with living in general. I am interested in what the process has to teach about living wisely & fully. I love the idea of changing the larger world by everyone starting with themselves. I am interested in heading toward more positive thought, working from instinct, relying on chance occurrences with a reliance on repetition as a grounding element to inform a disciplined life. The connection between place, process, materials and form in relation to a meditative state of consciousness is essential. Non objective forms that predate label and forms imperfect and evolving are of interest. The work is inspired by architecture, primitive art, metaphysics and the practice of yoga. I am concerned for the state of the earth, the feminine wave and the reflective slow revolution of expanding consciousness.  

 I hope you enjoy the work.